Dinner Menu

7:00pm -10:00pm

Burger & Sandwiches

● Two mini burgers with black bean and wild rise patties, roasted pepper tofu mayonnaise, green salad, homemade pickled cucumber
● Banh Mi, Vietnamese sandwich with mushrooms, vegan spicy mayo, homemade pickled veggies, cucumber and coriander (vegan)
● Smoked Salmon sandwich with feta-cheese cream, campers, homemade pickled cucumber, rocked and lemon zest
● Pull Pork Sandwich with mustard, mix cheese and homemade pickled vegetables
● BLT Sandwich with crispy bacon, tomato, mayonnaise & lettuce
● Tortilla with sweet potato, avocado, rocket, and sunflower cream (vegan)
● Tortilla with roasted veggies, pesto and rocket
● Tortilla with cream cheese, roasted turkey and iceberg


● Classic Margarita Tomato sauce with anchovies, mozzarella and fresh base leaves on top
● Choriatiki Tomato sauce with anchovies, olive pasta, relish cucumber-onion, feta cheese mousse and fresh oregano on top
● Vegan Delight Roasted veggies, pesto and cheese cream vegan


● Green chopped Salad Mixed greens with poached chicken breast, herbs, boiled egg, radishes, cucumber, onion, jalapeño
● Spring quinoa salad with asparagus, peas, fresh dill, spring onion, valeriana, lemon zest and sliced almond flakes (vegan) + goat feta cheese
● Sakana smoked salmon bowl with marinated wild rice, edamame, avocado, cucumber, broccolini, julienned carrot, homemade pickled onion
and ginger, black sesame, citrus soy sauce dressing
● Slow cooked pull pork salad with quinoa, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, coriander, lime and fish sauce
● Falafel bowl with quinoa, beetroot hummus, avocado, olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sweet roasted peppers, tahini-harissa-coconut yogurt sauce (vegan)
● Antipasto Salad Roasted veggies, bulgur, herbs, creamy vinaigrette, and pumpkin seeds (vegan) + goat cheese
● Yellow beetroot salad with feta cheese mousse, candied orange peel, toasted hazelnut, olive oil, rocket and plenty of dill
● Taste Palette with Cretan delicacies, cheese and sweet red pepper and herbed dip

Our homemade sweets

● Tiramisu
● Cheesecake with strawberry topping
● Praline Cheesecake
● Banoffee
● Ekmek Katayifi
● Double Mousse White chocolate and raspberry
● Strawberry Pavlova
● Chocolate profiterole
● Pistachio and white choco profiterole
● Greek Chocolate Cookies Sweet
● Greek white chocolate, cookies, nuts and cranberries sweet
● Peach crumble with almonds
● Warm Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream
● Lemon Tart
● Chocolate Tart with Salted Caramel
● Carrot Cake
● Brownie with vanilla ice cream
● Cinnamon Buns
● Almond muffin GF
● Pistachio muffin GF
● Butter Croissant
● Butter Croissant With Choco Praline


● Choco Brownie
● Peanut Butter
● Oat banana
● Tahini, Honey, Sesame

Ice Cream

● Vanilla Madagascar

Vegan Treats

● Blueberry cheese cake
● Almond cake
● Banana Blondie
● Warm Apple Crumble with vanilla oat ice cream
● Snicker bites
● Bounty Bar
● Tahini Caramel Bite
● Éclair
● Twixes
● Donuts
● Lemon – Chocolate cookie
● Chocolate cookie

Energy Bars

● Chocolate bar with dates, nuts, chia seeds and oat
● Cranberry bar with dates, nuts, chia seeds and oat

Vegan oat milk Ice Cream

● Triple Chocolate Brownie
● Vanilla Madagascar
● Epic Caramelized Biscuit


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32, Archelaou str. 11635, Athens



08:30 am - 11:00 pm